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Interactive Videos

Elevate your teaching and learning experience with Aarogya Digital's Interactive Videos, designed to make education engaging and enjoyable.


Empower students and teachers with Aarogya Digital's Testpapers, a versatile tool that allows the creation of custom test papers tailored to specific topics, subjects, or the entire curriculum.

Tutor Support

With our additional learning resource, Aarogya Digital offers students the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere through our 24x7 tutorial support. We understand that students may have different preferences for learning, so we provide various options to cater to their needs.

Live Class

At Aarogya Digital, we understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration between students and teachers. That's why we offer a group chat feature that facilitates seamless connectivity and idea exchange.

Reports and Statistics

We provide comprehensive mastery reports that serve as valuable tools for students, teachers, parents, and school leaders. These reports play a crucial role in identifying and addressing learning gaps to ensure effective learning outcomes.


With Aarogya Digital's Classroom feature, teachers can effortlessly create and conduct live online classes for their students. Whether it's through video-based or text-based instruction, our platform provides a user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless communication and engagement.


With our online quiz feature, users can take quizzes conveniently and receive instant results. We have designed a user-friendly platform that enables seamless quiz-taking and provides immediate feedback to enhance the learning experience.


Our service includes a comprehensive collection of e-books specifically designed for integration into LMS platforms. These e-books cover a wide range of subjects and educational levels, providing a valuable resource for both students and educators.

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